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Center for Cell Signaling

Center of Cell Signaling was established on January 12, 2006. It locates at Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, SIBS, CAS.

To be a Chinese leader in cell signaling research, the center sets up three stages. The short stage is to establish the collaboration relationship with others in the country and in the world, and work out substantial result. The middle stage is based on the collaboration, study the signal transduction on stem cell research and make some achievements in three years. The long stage is to promote domestic signal transduction research.

Research project
Center will pay attention on the stem cell and relative research. Each Professor and the partner will correspondingly to have his own research project.

Collaboration system
The collaborated partner will study on their both interested subject. During the oversea professor visit IBCB, he/she participates in the lab seminar, exchanges the ideas with lab members, and shares the research resource, and consults and polish the publication.

Recruiting and training student
According to the CAS student regulation, the oversea professors recruit student will joint with domestic professor in IBCB. IBCB professor will take charge the student and oversea professor will supervise their academy study.
The joint recruiters may be trained in domestic lab or oversea lab. However, the student must finish his/her course work and give his/her graduate defence in IBCB. The students will the first author of their work. The supervisor will be the co-author, or corresponding author. (All the papers of the center of cell signal will mark as: Laboratory of Molecular Cell Biology and Center of Cell Signaling, Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

The cooperation of signaling transduction in country and in the world
The team members will be on behalf of the Center of Cell Signaling to organize the signaling transduction international symposium in promoting the exchange and widening the infection.

The members of the signaling transduction team:
Dr. Anning Lin
Dr. Dianqing Wu
Dr. Junlin Guan
Dr. Zhenggang Liu
Dr Wei Du
Dr. Hua Gu
Dr. Yixian Zheng

Contact: Hua Xu
Tel: 54921016
Fax: 54921016
Email: hxu@sibs.ac.cn


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