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Research Highlights/News
[2019-09-26] Scientists reveal the molecular mechanism of the membrane recruitment of the yeast TORC1-regulatory Gtr1-Gtr2 Rag GTPases by the EGO-TC complex
[2019-09-23] The novel tumor suppressor IRF2BP2 regulates Hippo pathway
[2019-09-20] Nascent Pre-rRNA Sorting via Phase Separation Drives Assembly of Dense Fibrillar Components in Human Nucleolus
[2019-08-23] α-Ketoglutarate Identified to Directly Activate NF-κB Signaling as the Second Messenger
[2019-08-07] ECM1 in regulation of liver fibrosis
[2019-07-23] Dual function and regulation mechanism of VGLL4 in muscle regeneration
[2019-07-15] New insights into the regulation mechanism and function of TEAD4 in breast cancer
[2019-07-11] Metabolic Reprogramming of Branched-Chain Amino Acid Facilitates Drug Resistance in Lung Cancer
[2019-07-11] Researchers Identified a Novel Component of Mammalian Multiple tRNA Synthetase Complex
[2019-07-02] Uridine Diphosphate Glucose Found to Dampen Lung Cancer Metastasis
[2019-05-05] Cellular functions of long noncoding RNAs
[2019-05-05] A vitamin-C-derived DNA modification catalysed by an algal TET homologue
[2019-04-26] Structure and Degradation of Circular RNAs Regulate PKR Activation in Innate Immunity
[2019-03-12] New insights into the function of VGLL4 in heart valve development and homeostasis
[2019-03-08] Unappreciated Role of mRNA Export Receptor NXF1: a Nexus to Streamline Gene Expression
[2019-03-08] Researchers Uncover Negative Regulator of RNA Exosome Complex
[2019-02-26] Tetraubiquitin-induced Conformations of 26S Proteasome Reveal Mechanism of Degradation Initiated by TetraUb
[2019-02-22] Researchers identified the G3-U70-independent tRNA recognition by human mitochondrial alanyl-tRNA synthetase
[2019-02-13] Fever Boots Immune Cell Trafficking Through a Thermal Sensory Hsp90-α4 Integrin Pathway
[2018-12-17] Prof. En-Duo Wang’s group reveals the tRNA substrate specificity of archaeal NSun6
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