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Research Highlights/News
[2020-09-14] Future prediction of short-term time-series based on auto-reservoir computing
[2020-08-18] A Distinct Prostate Luminal Progenitor Cell Maintains Prostate Homeostasis and Is a Potential Cellular Origin of Prostate Cancer
[2020-07-31] New Strategy of CAR-T Cell Therapy Developed Based on New Understanding of T Cell Receptor Signal Transduction
[2020-07-22] Scientists Identify New Methylation Site on P53 Guided by Structure of MLL2 Complex
[2020-05-13] CAS helps marshal global science community's COVID-19 fight
[2020-05-12] XU Chenqi lab contributes a preview article discussing a new screening system for T cell therapies
[2020-04-07] Distinct Processing of lncRNAs Contributes to Non-conserved Functions in Stem Cells
[2020-03-20] Researchers identify pancreatic islet progenitors and establish long-term expansion culture system of islet organoids
[2020-03-17] Chinese Scientists Found PIWIL1 as a Novel co-activator for APC/C to Promote Pancreatic Cancer Metastasis
[2020-03-10] XU Chenqi lab contributes a preview discussing PD-1’s role in T cell exhaustion
[2020-02-14] XU Chenqi Lab contributes a review discussing structural understanding of T cell receptor triggering
[2020-02-11] XU Chenqi lab contributes a review discussing cholesterol metabolism in cancer
[2020-02-04] Researchers Found A Critical Role of LARP7 in U6 snRNA Modification and Splicing Fidelity during Spermatogenesis
[2020-01-22] Researchers Identify a Possible Cause and Treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease
[2020-01-21] New finding of ECM1 on M1 macrophage polarization in inflammatory bowel disease
[2020-01-15] Lola regulates Drosophila adult midgut homeostasis via non-canonical Hippo signaling
[2020-01-15] Nerve Injury-Induced Neuronal PAP-I Maintains Neuropathic Pain by Activating Spinal Microglia
[2019-12-31] Targeting Cholesterol Metabolism in Macrophages to Eliminate Viral Infection
[2019-12-13] Chinese Scientists Found A Critical Role of PIWI/piRNA in Translation Activation during Sperm Formation
[2019-12-09] Spectrin as a marker for dead cells
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