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Research Highlights/News
[2019-05-05] Cellular functions of long noncoding RNAs
[2019-05-05] A vitamin-C-derived DNA modification catalysed by an algal TET homologue
[2019-04-26] Structure and Degradation of Circular RNAs Regulate PKR Activation in Innate Immunity
[2019-03-12] New insights into the function of VGLL4 in heart valve development and homeostasis
[2019-03-08] Unappreciated Role of mRNA Export Receptor NXF1: a Nexus to Streamline Gene Expression
[2019-03-08] Researchers Uncover Negative Regulator of RNA Exosome Complex
[2019-02-26] Tetraubiquitin-induced Conformations of 26S Proteasome Reveal Mechanism of Degradation Initiated by TetraUb
[2019-02-22] Researchers identified the G3-U70-independent tRNA recognition by human mitochondrial alanyl-tRNA synthetase
[2019-02-13] Fever Boots Immune Cell Trafficking Through a Thermal Sensory Hsp90-α4 Integrin Pathway
[2018-12-17] Prof. En-Duo Wang’s group reveals the tRNA substrate specificity of archaeal NSun6
[2018-12-13] Chinese scientists find how PD-1, a key drug target for cancer immunotherapy, is degraded in T cells
[2018-10-30] Making Short-term High-dimensional Data Predictable
[2018-09-25] Genome-wide screening of NEAT1 regulators reveals cross-regulation between paraspeckles and mitochondria
[2018-09-04] Architecture of cell-cell adhesion in situ
[2018-08-20] Researchers Discover a New Molecular Mechanism of T-follicular helper differentiation and antibody Production
[2018-08-07] FSP1-positive fibroblasts: adipogenic niche in adult adipose homeostasis
[2018-08-02] Scientists Reveal Regulatory Mechanism of Macrophages-promoted Tumor Growth
[2018-07-30] The biogenesis, functions and challenges of circular RNAs
[2018-07-04] Identification of substrates of the small RNA methyltransferase Hen1 in mouse spermatogonial stem cells and analysis of its methyl-transfer domain
[2018-07-02] Scientists Found Suppression of Nodal Signaling Predisposes Epiblast Stem Cells to Ectodermal Fate
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