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| 2017-05-10 |
Ling-Ling Chen Winner of the HHMI International Research Scholar Program
| 2016-07-19 |
The Frontier NCPSS Series – The 1stBioSAXS Forum and 2016 SummerSchoolof Structural Biology Successfully Held
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The 1st Cold Spring Harbor Asia conference on Telomere & Telomerase (September 5-9, Suzhou, China)
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Trends in Biochemical Sciences -- TrendsTalk: Ling-Ling Chen: Linking Long Noncoding RNA Processing and Function to RNA Biology (2016-08-19)
AsianScientist:Researchers Identify Potential Biomarker For Liver Cancer (2016-05-27)
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Zhen Lin, Phillip J Hsu, Xudong Xing, Jianhuo Fang, Zhike Lu, Qin Zou, KeJia Zhang, Xiao Zhang,Yuchuan Zhou, Teng Zhang, Youcheng Zhang, Wanlu Song, Guifang Jia, Xuerui Yang, Chuan He, Minghan Tong. Mettl3-/Mettl14-mediated mRNA N6-methyladenosine modulates murine spermatogenesis. Cell Res. (2017) 27:1216-1230.
Mingliang Jin,Yao Cong. Identification of an allosteric network that influences assembly and function of group II chaperonins. Nat Struct Mol Biol. (2017)24:683-684.
Min Shi,Heng Zhang,Xudong Wu,Zhisong He,Lantian Wang,Shanye Yin,Bin Tian,Guohui Li,Hong Cheng. ALYREF mainly binds to the 5΄ and the 3΄ regions of the mRNA in vivo. Nucleic Acids Res. (2017)
Hui Zhang,Xiuzhen Huang,Kuo Liu,Juan Tang,Lingjuan He,Wenjuan Pu,Qiaozhen Liu,Yan Li,Xueying Tian,Yue Wang,Libo Zhang,Ying Yu,Hongyan Wang,Ronggui Hu,Fengchao Wang,Ting Chen,Qingdong Wang,Zengyong Qiao,Li Zhang,Kathy O Lui,Bin Zhou. Fibroblasts in an endocardial fibroelastosis disease model mainly originate from mesenchymal derivatives of epicardium. Cell Res. (2017)
Jing Fan,Bin Kuai,Guifen Wu,Xudong Wu,Binkai Chi,Lantian Wang,Ke Wang,Zhubing Shi,Heng Zhang,She Chen, Zhisong He,Siyuan Wang,Zhaocai Zhou,Guohui Li,Hong Cheng. Exosome cofactor hMTR4 competes with export adaptor ALYREF to ensure balanced nuclear RNA pools for degradation and export. EMBO J. (2017)
Hongli Hu,Daming Gao. PCAF and SIRT7 modulate PGK1 K323 acetylation in liver cancer cells. Hepatology (2017)
Yuhong Han,Yue Xiong,Xuanming Shi,Jiang Wu,Yun Zhao,Jin Jiang. Regulation of Gli ciliary localization and Hedgehog signaling by the PY-NLS/karyopherin-β2 nuclear import system. PLoS Biol. (2017)
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| 2014-11-24 |
Research Associate & Postdoctoral Position in the Laboratory of Dr. Yi A. Zeng
| 2014-04-23 |
Postdoctoral positions open in Dr. Ling-Ling Chen’s Laboratory
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Ling-Ling Chen: Linking Long Noncoding RNA Processing and Function to RNA Biology
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| 2017-06-28 |
Prof. Jinhua Wu
Molecular Therapeutics Program
| 2017-06-23 |
Prof. Cheng-Ming Chiang
BRD4 in Transcription Programming and Cancer Therapy
| 2016-11-04 |
Dr. Justin JL Wong
Intron retention: No longer nonsense
| 2016-11-01 |
Prof. Albert Goldbeter
The cell cycle and the circadian clock : Dynamics of two coupled cellular rhythms
| 2016-10-28 |
Prof. Zhao Hu
In vivo identity and regulating niche of mesenchymal stem cell
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