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| 2016-07-19 |
The Frontier NCPSS Series – The 1stBioSAXS Forum and 2016 SummerSchoolof Structural Biology Successfully Held
| 2015-07-30 |
SIBCB Professor LEI Ming Made Lecture about Protein Science at Pudong Library
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The 1st Cold Spring Harbor Asia conference on Telomere & Telomerase (September 5-9, Suzhou, China)
The Frontier NCPSS Series — The 1stBioSAXS Forum and 2016 Summer School of Structural Biology (Jun 27-30, Shanghai, China)
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AsianScientist:Researchers Identify Potential Biomarker For Liver Cancer (2016-05-27)
AsianScientist:Dual-Target Nanoparticle Reduces Lung Cancer Drug Resistance (2016-05-26)
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Xiaoou Zhang, Rui Dong, Yang Zhang, Jialin Zhang, Zheng Luo, Jun Zhang, Lingling Chen and Li Yang. Diverse alternative back-splicing and alternative splicing landscape of circular RNAs. Genome Res. (2016)
Qing Cissy Yu, Wenqian Song, Daisong Wang and Yi Arial Zeng. Identification of blood vascular endothelial stem cells by the expression of protein C receptor. Cell Res. (2016)
Cuiqing Zhong, Meiling Zhang, Qi Yin, Han Zhao, Yang Wang, Sexin Huang, Wenrong Tao, Keliang Wu, Zijiang Chen, Jinsong Li. Generation of human haploid embryonic stem cells from parthenogenetic embryos obtained by microsurgical removal of male pronucleus. Cell Res. (2016) 26,743-746.
Dan Li, Jing Fu, Min Du, Haibin Zhang, Lu Li, Jin Cen, Weiyun Li, Xiaotao Chen, Yunfei Lin, Edward M. Conway, Eli Pikarsky, Hongyan Wang, Guoyu Pan, Yuan Ji, Hongyang Wang, Lijian Hui. Hepatocellular carcinoma repression by TNFα-mediated synergistic lethal effect of mitosis defect-induced senescence and cell death sensitization. Hepatology. (2016)
Kirill Oxenoid, Ying Dong, Chan Cao, Tanxing Cui, Yasemin Sancak, Andrew L. Markhard, Zenon Grabarek, Liangliang Kong, Zhijun Liu, Bo Ouyang, Yao Cong, Vamsi K. Mootha & James J. Chou. Architecture of the Mitochondrial Calcium Uniporter. Nature. (2016) 533,269-273.
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| 2014-11-24 |
Research Associate & Postdoctoral Position in the Laboratory of Dr. Yi A. Zeng
| 2014-04-23 |
Postdoctoral positions open in Dr. Ling-Ling Chen’s Laboratory
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My “First Bucket of Gold”
My Takeoff from Shanghai
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| 2016-07-26 |
Dr. Xin Sun
The Lung as a Sensory Organ: Basic Biology Discoveries from Models of Human Diseases
| 2016-07-19 |
Prof. Jake Chen
Effects of Stem Cells and Transcription Factors in Tissue Regeneration
| 2016-07-13 |
Prof. Kazuyuki Aihara
Dynamics and Patterns: Learning from Living Things
| 2016-07-12 |
Prof. Hao Jiang
Epigenetic regulation of stem cell fate determination and tumorigenesis
| 2016-07-12 |
Prof. Junbai Wang
Computational analysis of genome regulation
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