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| 2014-11-13 |
Sixth International Conference on the Epididymis

| 2014-11-05 |
SIBCB Professor LI Jinsong Awarded the 2014 HLHL Foundation Prize

| 2014-08-04 |
Journal of Molecular Cell Biology expands the influence in 2013

| 2014-08-01 |
Cell Research’s new IF--11.981

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The 6th International Conference on the Epididymis (Epididymis VI)[Oct.31 - Nov.3, 2014, Shanghai]

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6th International Conference on the Epididymis (Epididymis VI)
[Oct 31 - Nov 3, 2014, Shanghai]

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Daisong Wang, Cheguo Cai, Xiaobing Dong, Qing Cissy Yu, Xiao-Ou Zhang, Li Yang, Yi Arial Zeng. Identification of multipotent mammary stem cells by protein C receptor expression. Nature. (2014)
Yajing Chu, Leonardo Gómez Rosso, Ping Huang, Zhichao Wang, Yichi Xu, Xiao Yao, Menghan Bao, Jun Yan, Haiyun Song, Gang Wang. Liver Med23 ablation improves glucose and lipid metabolism through modulating FOXO1 activity. Cell Res. (2014) 24,1250-1265.
Yang Sun, Xiaoyan Zhu, Xufeng Chen, Haifeng Liu, Yu Xu, Yajing Chu, Gang Wang, Xiaolong Liu. The mediator subunit Med23 contributes to controlling T-cell activation and prevents autoimmunity. Nat Commun. (2014) 5:5225.
Cheguo Cai, Qing Cissy Yu, Weimin Jiang, Wei Liu, Wenqian Song, Hua Yu, Lei Zhang, Ying Yang, Yi Arial Zeng. R-spondin1 is a novel hormone mediator for mammary stem cell self-renewal. Genes Dev. (2014)
Xiaoou Zhang, Haibin Wang, Yang Zhang, Xuhua Lu, Lingling Chen, Li Yang. Complementary Sequence-Mediated Exon Circularization. Cell. (2014) 159,134-147. Commentary
Tao Yu, Yonghui Tao, Meiqiang Yang, Peng Chen, Xiaobo Gao, Yanbo Zhang, Tao Zhang, Zi Chen, Jian Hou, Yan Zhang, Kangcheng Ruan, Hongyan Wang, Ronggui Hu. Profiling human protein degradome delineates cellular responses to proteasomal inhibition and reveals a feedback mechanism in regulating proteasome homeostasis. Cell Res. (2014)
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[ 2014-11-17 ]
Profs. Elizabeth Deborah Williams, Erik Walter Thompson
Epithelial mesenchymal plasticity in mammary and urological carcinoma systems: an integrative approach to identify molecular mediators

[ 2014-11-17 ]
Prof. Luca Scorrano
Keeping mitochondria in shape:a matter of life and death

[ 2014-11-13 ]
Dr.Wei Hsu
SUMO-specific protease 2: from embryonic and extraembryonic development to neurodegeneration

[ 2014-11-10 ]
Dr.Jianlong Wang
Pluripotency and Reprogramming: An Interactome Perspective

[ 2014-11-06 ]
Structural Dynamics of Cellular Motors -- One Molecule at a Time

[ 2014-11-05 ]
Prof.Dario Vignali
Molecular Control of T cell Function

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