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| 2016-07-19 |
The Frontier NCPSS Series – The 1stBioSAXS Forum and 2016 SummerSchoolof Structural Biology Successfully Held
| 2015-07-30 |
SIBCB Professor LEI Ming Made Lecture about Protein Science at Pudong Library
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The 1st Cold Spring Harbor Asia conference on Telomere & Telomerase (September 5-9, Suzhou, China)
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Trends in Biochemical Sciences -- TrendsTalk: Ling-Ling Chen: Linking Long Noncoding RNA Processing and Function to RNA Biology (2016-08-19)
AsianScientist:Researchers Identify Potential Biomarker For Liver Cancer (2016-05-27)
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Haiqiang Dai, Bangan Wang, Lu Yang, Jiajia Chen, Guochun Zhu, Meiling Sun, Hao Ge, Rui Wang, Deborah L.Chapman, Fuchou Tang, Xin Sun, Guoliang Xu. TET-mediated DNA demethylation controls gastrulation by regulating Lefty–Nodal signalling. Nature. (2016)
Lingling Chen, Claw KG, Ramachandran S. A two-fold challenge: the experience of women of color in genomics. Genome Biol. (2016)
Wei Wu, Xiaoshan Shi and Chenqi Xu. Regulation of T cell signalling by membrane lipids. Nat Rev Immunol. (2016)
Fei Li, Zhaoyuan Fang, Jian Zhang, Chen Li, Hongyan Liu, Jufeng Xia, Hongwen Zhu, Chenchen Guo, Zhen Qin, Fuming Li, Xiangkun Han, Yuetong Wang, Yan Feng, Ye Wang, Wenjing Zhang, Zuoyun Wang, Yujuan Jin, Yihua Sun, Wenyi Wei, Rong Zeng, Haiquan Chen, Hongbin Ji. Identification of TRA2B-DNAH5 fusion as a novel oncogenic driver in human lung squamous cell carcinoma. Cell Res. (2016) 26,1149-164.
Dan Li, Weiping Li, Lijian Hui. Hybrid hepatocyte: A newly identified player for regeneration in hepatic injuries. Hepatology. (2016)
Li Mao, Chenglin Liu, Zhen Wang, Xiaofeng Niu, Liang Xue, Zhilei Zhou, Zhenying Cai, Meng Yu, Yixue Li, Dianqing Wu and Lin Li. A genome-wide loss-of-function screening method for minimizing false-negatives caused by functional redundancy. Cell Res. (2016) 26,1067-1070.
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| 2014-11-24 |
Research Associate & Postdoctoral Position in the Laboratory of Dr. Yi A. Zeng
| 2014-04-23 |
Postdoctoral positions open in Dr. Ling-Ling Chen’s Laboratory
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Ling-Ling Chen: Linking Long Noncoding RNA Processing and Function to RNA Biology
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| 2016-10-24 |
Prof. Vladimir I. Gelfand
Cytoskeletal mechanisms of cell polarization: implications for neurons and oocytes
| 2016-10-17 |
Dr. Zhijian “James” Chen
Immune responses to DNA in Health and Disease
| 2016-10-13 |
Prof. Atsushi Miyajima
Cellular basis of liver regeneration
| 2016-10-10 |
Dr. Hongbo Zhang
Metabolic control of muscle and muscle stem cell function
| 2016-10-10 |
Prof. Johan Auwerx
Cross-species genetic mapping of targets in mitochondria, metabolism and aging
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