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| 2015-07-30 |
SIBCB Professor LEI Ming Made Lecture about Protein Science at Pudong Library
| 2015-06-18 |
Chinese Bulletin of Life Sciences Publishes Special Issue to Mark Total Synthesis of Crystalline Bovine Insulin’s Golden Jubilee
| 2015-06-03 |
Scientists from SIBCB awarded 2014 Shanghai Science and Technology Awards
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China: Mass produced artificial sperm developed 'to create army of half-cloned mice' (2015-07-15)
Chinese Scientists Edit Genes to Produce Artificial Sperm Capable of Creating "army of half-cloned mice" (2015-07-15)
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Xiangjun Chen, Weiling Pan, Yinqiang Sui, Hua Li, Xiaoshan Shi, Xingdong Guo, Hai Qi, Chenqi Xu, Wanli Liu. Acidic phospholipids govern the enhanced activation of IgG-B cell receptor. Nat Commun. (2015)
Hao Jiang, Xiaonan He, Di Feng, Xueliang Zhu, Yixian Zheng. RanGTP aids anaphase entry through Ubr5-mediated protein turnover. J Cell Biol. (2015)
Hao Jiang, Shusheng Wang, Yuejia Huang, Xiaonan He, Honggang Cui, Xueliang Zhu, Yixian Zheng. Phase Transition of Spindle-Associated Protein Regulate Spindle Apparatus Assembly. Cell. (2015)
Yunneng Tang, Weiqiao Ding, Xiaojie Guo, Xinwang Yuan, Dongmei Wang, Jianguo Song. Epigenetic regulation of Smad2 and Smad3 by profilin-2 promotes lung cancer growth and metastasis. Nat Commun. (2015) 6:8230.
Lingfei Zhang, Jiatao Lou, Minghua Lu, Chunfang Gao, Shuang Zhao, Biao Li, Sheng Liang, Yong Li, Dangsheng Li, Mofang Liu. Suppression of miR‐199a maturation by HuR is crucial for hypoxia‐induced glycolytic switch in hepatocellular carcinoma. EMBO J. (2015)
Xiao Yao, Zhanyun Tang, Xing Fu, Jingwen Yin, Yan Liang, Chonghui Li, Huayun Li, Qing Tian, Robert G Roeder, Gang Wang. The Mediator subunit MED23 couples H2B mono‐ubiquitination to transcriptional control and cell fate determination. EMBO J. (2015)
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| 2014-11-24 |
Research Associate & Postdoctoral Position in the Laboratory of Dr. Yi A. Zeng
| 2014-04-23 |
Postdoctoral positions open in Dr. Ling-Ling Chen’s Laboratory
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My “First Bucket of Gold”
My Takeoff from Shanghai
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| 2015-10-27 |
Dr. Lei Yang
Modeling Human Heart Disease & Regeneration Using iPS Cells
| 2015-10-08 |
Prof. Yixian Zheng
Cell division in development and aging
| 2015-09-29 |
Dr. Rémy Bosselut
Thpok: a master switch of effector T cell responses
| 2015-09-25 |
Prof. Chaolan Huang
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