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[2018-01-30] Spatiotemporal regulation of cancer, stem and neuronal cells in the gut
[2018-01-23] Towards complete annotation of long noncoding RNAs
[2018-01-18] Molecular Regulation of Muscle Stem Cell Quiescence and Activation
[2018-01-08] Glucose sensing and control of metabolic status
[2017-12-22] Matrix Factorization for Data Integration in Bioinformatics
[2017-12-22] Learning on Pharmaceutical and Gene Editing data
[2017-12-04] Dr. Inder Verma
“Breast Cancer Gene (BRCA1): A Novel Mechanism of Tumorigenesis”
[2017-11-24] Prof.Nicholas Proudfoot
Defining transcription units across the mammalian genome
[2017-11-23] Shengdong Ke, PhD Assistant Professor
The Jackson Laboratory
[2017-11-22] Prof.Eric Westhof
The third genetic code
[2017-06-28] Prof. Jinhua Wu
Molecular Therapeutics Program
[2017-06-23] Prof. Cheng-Ming Chiang
BRD4 in Transcription Programming and Cancer Therapy
[2016-11-04] Dr. Justin JL Wong
Intron retention: No longer nonsense
[2016-11-01] Prof. Albert Goldbeter
The cell cycle and the circadian clock : Dynamics of two coupled cellular rhythms
[2016-10-28] Prof. Zhao Hu
In vivo identity and regulating niche of mesenchymal stem cell
[2016-10-24] Prof. Vladimir I. Gelfand
Cytoskeletal mechanisms of cell polarization: implications for neurons and oocytes
[2016-10-17] Dr. Zhijian “James” Chen
Immune responses to DNA in Health and Disease
[2016-10-13] Prof. Atsushi Miyajima
Cellular basis of liver regeneration
[2016-10-10] Dr. Hongbo Zhang
Metabolic control of muscle and muscle stem cell function
[2016-10-10] Prof. Johan Auwerx
Cross-species genetic mapping of targets in mitochondria, metabolism and aging
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