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Tel: 86-21-54920000
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Email: sibcb@sibs.ac.cn
Website: www.sibcb.ac.cn
Principal Investigators
ZHOU Zhaocai
Ph.D., Professor
Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 320 Yue-yang Road, Shanghai 200031, China.
Tel: 021-54921291
Email: zczhou@@sibcb.ac.cn

Research Areas
Signaling Mechanisms of Immunity

Research Interests
Our primary research interest is to understand the principle of immune responses and tumor immunology at multiple levels (Figure 1). We combine biochemical and structural analyses with cell signaling, animal models and clinical relevance to explore the function and molecular mechanisms of protein/DNA complexes and pathways that are critical for both immunity and tumorigenesis (Figure 2). In addition to dissecting the nature of these fundamental physiological or pathological processes, we also aim to further discover new drug targets and design novel therapeutic strategies for disease treatment.

Figure 1
Figure 2

Selected Publications

  1. Zhubing Shi, Shi Jiao and Zhaocai Zhou. STRIPAK complexes in cell signaling and cancer. Oncogene, 2016, 1-9 (Invited Review)
  2. Xiangdong Lv, Zhijun Han, Hao Chen, Bo Yang, Xiaofeng Yang, Yuanxin Xia, Chenyu Pan, Lin Fu, Shuo Zhang, Hui Han, Min Wu, Zhaocai Zhou, Lei Zhang, Lin Li, Gang Wei and Yun Zhao. A positive role for polycomb in transcriptional regulation via H4K20me1. Cell Res, 2016, 26: 529-542
  3. Ke Xu, Haifeng Liu, Zhubing Shi, Guangrong Song, Xiaoyan Zhu, Yuzhang Jiang, Zhaocai Zhou and Xiaolong Liu. Disruption of the RAG2 zinc finger motif impairs protein stability and causes immunodeficiency. Eur J Immunol, 2016, 46: 1011-1019
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  12. Chuanchuan Li, Miao Feng, Zhubing Shi, Qian Hao, Xiaomin Song, Wenjia Wang, Yun Zhao, Shi Jiao, Zhaocai Zhou. Structural and Biochemical Insights into the Activation Mechanisms of Germinal Center Kinase OSR1. J Biol Chem, 2014, 289: 35969-35978.
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Research Team

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